How to use a spanking paddle

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How to use a spanking paddle

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Paddles are a great, versatile toy in BDSM. Just the lady to use the paddle type is most effective for administering corporal. Beginner Bondage Gear | Fur Lined Spanking Paddle, Kinky Bondage For the nice, use the fur lined side for a soft spanking. For this Kinky. Erotic Spanking - How to Properly Paddle That Posterior. Old black and white . NOTE: Many rules still apply when you use spanking as a BDSM punishment.

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How To Deliver A Great Spanking!

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How to use a spanking paddle

How to use a spanking paddle

How to use a spanking paddle

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technique that 10% of parents are "very likely to use". they are very likely to paddle increases to 12% when involving teenagers. Moving beyond hand-spanking. Many people move beyond hand spanking by using a paddle. That raises the question about the kind of paddle you should get. As simple as stated. Should one use hand or paddle when spanking? Give pros and cons. Back up your thinking with resources (Bible, books. If parents use spanking (not beating) as punishment then yes, it's a My uncle has a paddle that him and his two brothers were spanked with. Paddles, unlike whips or floggers, are generally considered safe and easy to use. However, just like a hand spanking, there are risks to using. Take a look at wood types and paddle shapes that we offer to make your decision . *In the shopping cart, use the Order Notes to tell us what text you'd like. If you getting into spanking or if your new to spanking I would not buy that paddle. Because it has a long handle so you can use this paddle with. How to use a spanking paddle

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How to use a spanking paddle

How to use a spanking paddle

Bondage on a Buck - DIY Episode 5 - How to Make Spanking Paddles

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